Our Story

2014 was a big year in our lives: Jane retired from her job at a New Jersey university; Eileen continued to teach online and was deep in the development of an online business. To pursue our dreams in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, we moved to the Big Sky of Montana. Flathead Lake had been Jane’s summer retreat since she was born, first at her grandparent’s cabin and later at her parent’s cabin, three houses away. For decades we visited every summer, a chance to see Jane’s family and to enjoy the spectacular mountains of western Montana. When it was time to retire, it was a no-brainer. Summers at the lake and endless mountains for Eileen and our Begemasco dog, Kali Ma, to hike to their hearts’ content were the answer.

Although Flathead is the perfect summer spot, we  needed a winter home near a vibrant arts community, so we built three connected yurts in Evaro, Montana, just north of Missoula. Montana, and a direct shot to Flathead.

Our first year in Montana was consumed with building our home and acclimating to our new location.  But once summer bloomed again in 2015, it was time to realize another dream: to utilize a portion of the land at the lake. As an environmental practitioner, Eileen wanted to translate her love of the land into growing a product that applied sustainable methods.

Once we were introduced to heirloom garlic as a crop, we knew it was right for us.  We use garlic in nearly everything we cook. Now we want to share our love of delicious, heirloom garlic with everyone: whole bulbs, garlic salt and the all-in-one spice solution—garlic pepper and salt. For those who need to restrict their salt intake but still want the joys of garlic, we have garlic powder and garlic pepper.