Our Garlic

As a small operation, we do most of the work ourselves. Although we hire someone to till the soil and remake the beds, once that is completed it is up to us. Eileen does the hard labor of planting, mulching in the fall, weeding in the spring and pulling the garlic when its ready in July. Jane’s contribution is trimming the bulbs, drying the crop and storing the garlic.

Our goal is to provide the most natural, great tasting garlic available. To achieve that goal the natural rich soil of the Flathead Valley is mixed with compost made from the manure of local dairy farm cows. That’s it.  No chemicals, no artificial additives.

Our heirloom garlic consists of both hard neck and soft neck varieties, and after the bulbs are planted we load the beds up with straw mulch from local farms. Crystal clear water from the Glacier National Park area 50 miles to the north east flows into Flathead Lake, the largest fresh water lake west of the Great Lakes. From the lake it is pumped up the hill to water the crop. It is pure liquid gold.

To see an up close and personal view of our process, watch the video below to see the loving care that goes into each bed.